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Sleeve Filters

Cartridges and Pleated Sleeves


Solufil pleated elements can be manufactured in several dimensions and materials according to your needs


Polyester Spun Bond

Ideal for all applications where abrasion resistance, high filtration efficiency, particulate matter recovery, tightly packed and dusty environments are required.

Features and Advantages:

Greater spacing between the pleats;

Low consumption of compressed air for cleaning;

High filtration efficiency;

Greater reuse of particulates;

Excellent for process filters;

High dust recovery rate;

It does not shed fibers;

Much lower back-flow pressure;

A practically indestructible element.


Treatments: Aluminized and PTFE-bathed

Nano Fiber

Made of Cellulose and Polyester Nanofiber Blend, in fibers evenly distributed in its making and including a layer of Synthetic Nanofiber in the entrance surface, retaining submicron particles.

Features and Advantages:

Better cleaning efficiency;

Captured contaminants smaller than 1 micron;


PTFE or Teflon bath against moisture;


Cellulose filtering elements. For applications where the level of demand is very light and dust recovery (in paint booths) is not relevant. It does not allow washing and reuse.

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