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SOLUFIL is committed to respecting the privacy and protection of the personal data of its clients, employees and partners in compliance with the applicable and current legislation, in particular, Law No. 13,709/2018, known as the General Law of Personal Data Protection (LGPD) and Law No. 12,965/2014 known as the Marco Civil da Internet Law. 


In order to protect the privacy of clients, employees and partners' personal data, SOLUFIL will ensure that all of it is treated securely and only used within the scope of the law.


This policy is a commitment to privacy, including provisions for the processing of Personal Data relating to customers, representatives, employees, and partners. This Privacy Policy applies to all business units and

personal data processing activities for which SOLUFIL is responsible.


All business departments have a responsibility to ensure that Personal Data is protected in all processes throughout the lifecycle, keeping privacy measures in mind. All company employees are responsible for complying with this policy.


Therefore, we propose our Privacy Policy so that our Users and holders of Personal Data can easily understand the conditions of use of our Site and how we collect and use their information in our activities.


This Privacy Policy describes the personal Data we collect, how it is used, stored, and shared, and your rights with respect to that Data. We recommend that you read it carefully.


If you have any questions, please contact us through our service channels.



Privacy Policy


  1. Introduction 

  2. What Personal Data do we use and how do we collect it?

  3. What do we use your Data for?

  4. Can the information be shared?

  5. International Transfer of Personal Data

  6. How long do we keep your Data?

  7. Data Security

  8. Your Rights

  9. Data Protection Officer (D.P.O)

  10. Privacy Policy Update




Before you read our Privacy Policy You need to know what the terms below refer to. 



This is all the information that lets us know who you are. Like your name, CPF, selfie, geolocation, credit card data and other data.



Personal data concerning racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership of a trade union or of a religious, philosophical or political organization, data concerning health or sex life, genetic or biometric data when linked to a natural person.



A natural or legal person, governed by public or private law, who is responsible for decisions concerning the Processing of Personal Data.



Natural or legal person, public or private law, who performs the processing of Personal Data on behalf of the controller.



This is the person on our team who takes care of your privacy here at Solufil. He will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the way we handle your Data.



The natural person to whom the Personal Data that are processed relate.


  • USERS: 

All persons who visit and access the Site. We may also refer to the User and the Personal Data Subject as "You".



It is any operation performed with your Personal Data, for example, how we will collect, classify, use, access, process, store, delete, modify, share, transfer, reproduce, transmit, process, etc.



A code assigned to a terminal in a network to allow its identification, defined according to international parameters.


  • SITE:

Site that can be accessed by Users.



Every time there is mention of the terms "SOLUFIL", "we", "our" or "with us" we are referring to SOLUFIL; likewise, every time there is mention of the terms "You", "your", "yours", we are referring to You. 



We use the Personal Data of anyone who is or was a customer, employee, partner, or had a relationship with us, is or was a representative, proxy, employee, partner of a customer, company or entity with which we have a relationship, or other holders of Personal Data


The Personal Data we handle varies depending on the purposes of use, including those indicated in this Policy, and the activities we engage in. Such Personal Data includes Registration Data, such as:



Your name, e-mail, phone number, company name, company's line of business. 



Interactions you may have with our social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


We may also collect Personal Data about you from other sources, for example, from your business partners, representatives, experts, or from a publicly available source. If you provide us with Personal Data about other persons (such as one of your employees or a business partner), you acknowledge that you are authorized to disclose such Personal Data to us and that, without taking any further action, we may collect, use, store, and disclose such Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy as if it had been disclosed to us directly by that person.


The Data may be provided directly by you or may be collected by legitimate external sources such as strategic partners, suppliers, service providers, and public institutions because of the services or products provided by SOLUFIL to you (or related to you), correspondents, and companies or organizations that have a relationship with SOLUFIL or you, or have a direct or indirect relationship of some kind.


To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may also obtain Personal Data and other information from public and/or publicly available sources (such as the Internet, media, social media, and public records) and other sources. 


The Data can be provided by you, for example, when filling out registrations, forms, proposals, simulations, memberships, contracting, accessing, searching or expressing interest in our products and services.


The Data we generate about you as a result of your relationship with SOLUFIL, such as information about contracting and using products and services or when you interact with us through our Site, channels, stores, call centers and service locations.


Data about you provided by third parties, even if you are not a SOLUFIL client, including companies or bodies with which SOLUFIL or you have some relationship, as well as suppliers and partners.  


Some examples of where this occurs: (1) A customer, counterparty, partner or service provider refers you as their partner, representative, employee, proxy or contact, and (2) A partner or service provider gives us information about you for the purpose of offering or contracting for products and services.


We seek information about You or confirm the information You provide in order to provide a high quality service and offer the best products to You. 


In addition, this information helps us implement or improve your records and experience, prevent fraud, and comply with other legal obligations.




SOLUFIL carries out the processing of personal data in accordance with the legal bases provided for in the General Law on Data Protection (LGPD), such as, for example, to comply with legal and regulatory obligations; contract enforcement; to meet the legitimate interests of SOLUFIL, our clients and third parties; in situations where the consent of the Personal Data Holder is collected and for the regular exercise of rights.


We may process Personal Data and other information for various purposes related to the performance of SOLUFIL's activities by:


  • Perform activities, provide services, supply products. In addition, make and keep Your registration updated, verifying Your identity and any other information that may be necessary;


  • To serve our clients, potential clients and third parties, including handling doubts, complaints, requests and support through our service channels, making it possible for them to contact us whenever necessary, and the other way around as well;


  • Sending communications about products and services contracted by you, necessary for the fulfillment of the contract;


  • Selecting and hiring SOLUFIL employees;


  • Provide compliance and perform related actions during and after the contract to ensure the best experience and service for our customers;


  • Evaluate the profile, identify opportunities and make offers and contract SOLUFIL's products, services, initiatives and benefits and/or those of strategic partners best suited to the profile, interests and needs of current and potential clients and third parties, including through e-mail marketing and other communications. You can manage the means by which you prefer to receive our offers or opt-out of receiving them on our service channels;


  • Conduct surveys with the public to improve our products, services, customer service, and initiatives.


  • Identify, prevent and manage possible physical or cyber security risks for yourself, SOLUFIL or third parties;


  • Comply with legal, regulatory and self-regulatory obligations, such as: internal audit and compliance activities, risk management activities, fraud prevention measures, providing information to other competent bodies, in Brazil and abroad, to comply with regulations, reporting suspicious transactions, evaluation of legal representatives and partners of companies, among other activities;


  • Protect its rights, SOLUFIL's rights, the rights of third parties and its own in the regular exercise of its rights, including in contracts and in legal, extrajudicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings.


  • Analyze, create and improve our products, services, activities, whether internal or external, initiatives, projects, features and functionality of our platforms, Site, including to improve your access, use and to provide the best experience for you;


  • Measure and understand user and customer interaction with us, including on social networks and on our channels, as well as the use of our products, services, activities, initiatives, Site, and user and customer satisfaction. So we can create, maintain and improve our products, services and our service channels;


  • Business process execution, internal management, and management. We process your data for our business and to help us make better decisions about our operations, business, services, products, activities, and initiatives;


  • Activities related to contracting and relationships with suppliers, service providers and other third parties.


  • Other processing situations based on legitimate purposes, such as supporting and promoting SOLUFIL's activities or providing services that benefit our clients.



If You request, SOLUFIL may share your data. If necessary, SOLUFIL may also share your data with partner companies, third parties and authorities and regulators for different purposes. At any time, data sharing will conduct our business within the constraints and

purposes and will be authorized by applicable laws. 


SOLUFIL only shares your information when it is necessary or pertinent for the purposes set out in the contracts you enter into and this Privacy Policy. Sharing is performed within strict security standards, always aiming at the confidentiality of your information and following the rules of banking secrecy and other data protection and privacy standards.


In addition, when you browse our Site, you may be redirected to a third party Site. Once you are redirected to a third party Site or application, your privacy practices will be governed by the third party's privacy policies and terms of use. We cannot control or be responsible for the privacy practices and content of third parties. Please read the applicable privacy policy carefully to understand how they collect and process your data.



SOLUFIL may transfer your Personal Data to service providers located abroad, including cloud service providers. When your Personal Data is transferred outside Brazil by SOLUFIL, we will take appropriate measures to ensure adequate protection of your Personal Data in compliance with the requirements of applicable data protection legislation, including by entering into appropriate data transfer agreements with third parties of your Personal Data where necessary. 



The period for which SOLUFIL keeps Personal Data collected depends on the purpose and nature of the data processing. We will process your Data for as long as necessary to comply with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations, to continue to provide and improve our products and services, for risk management, for the exercise of legal claims in administrative, judicial and arbitral proceedings, and for the other purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.


Where applicable, and even after cancellation of accounts, or other SOLUFIL services and products, we may store your data for an additional period to comply with obligations established by the Central Bank of Brazil, to protect our rights in litigation, for auditing purposes, to comply with legal or regulatory obligations or to prove the legal basis for the rationality of data retention.



The security and protection of personal data and information is a priority for us. We believe that no matter where the Data is located, whether at service providers, international organizations, or partners, it must be protected throughout its life cycle, from the moment of collection through processing, transmission, storage, analysis, and treatment.


SOLUFIL establishes processes and controls for the prevention, detection and response to incidents and the protection of its Data from unauthorized access and use, ensuring the management of security risk, including cyber security, and building a robust security foundation.


Through tools and technologies we take care of the Data following strict security and confidentiality standards, to provide you with a safe and reliable environment. Additionally, we restrict access to Data to the extent necessary, with strict confidentiality and secrecy obligations and by adopting security criteria maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of information and protection from unauthorized access.



The LGPD guarantees rights to Data Subjects. As the Holder of your Personal Data, you may request:


  • Access and confirmation of the existence of personal data processing;

  • Update, correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data or data processed in violation of the provisions of the LGPD;

  • Data portability, observing the applicable rules and commercial and industrial secrets;

  • Information from public and private entities with which the Controller has made shared use of Data;

  • Information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of refusal;

  • Revocation of consent that can be done at any time and without charge, upon express manifestation;

  • Request the erasure of Personal Data processed with consent, except in those cases in which the retention of the Data is required or permitted by law;

  • Objection to Processing carried out on other legal grounds, in case of non-compliance with the LGPD, noting that there may be situations where we may continue to carry out Processing and refuse your request to object;

  • To request a review of decisions made solely on the basis of Automated Processing of Personal Data affecting you, such as credit decisions;

  • Request to be unsubscribed from SOLUFIL's targeted offers for products and services through our channels.


To exercise your rights over your Personal Data, you may contact our customer service channel according to item 09 of this Privacy Policy.


We emphasize that we may keep some Data and/or continue to process it, even in the event of a request for elimination, opposition, blocking or anonymization, in some circumstances, such as to comply with legal, contractual and regulatory obligations, to protect and exercise the rights of SOLUFIL, users and clients, to prevent unlawful acts and in legal, administrative and arbitration proceedings, including third-party questioning about its activities and in other cases provided by law.



For more information about the Privacy Policy or how we treat your Personal Data, you can contact our Data Controller: * E-mail:



Whenever SOLUFIL deems it necessary, the Privacy Policy may undergo changes that will be published on our Website. Such changes will be valid, effective and binding after the new version is posted on our Site or is otherwise communicated to you.

This Policy was revised on 12/04/2022.

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